Kicking Off Summer for our Second Year!

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and summer has officially kicked off in the Lakes Region! It’s never a slow transition to the busy season around here. Once this holiday weekend comes around, everyone is out and about and the lake really comes to life. As a local, we definitely enjoy the peace & quiet while it lasts, but it’s the summer excitement that makes this such a fun place to live.

The beginning of the season hit me this morning when I went for my usual Sunday morning iced coffee at Dunks. Instead of my usual 15 second visit (on-the-go ordering is the best), I ended up having to wait in a 15 minute line. But not complaining! As a true New Englandah, I’d do anything to get my coffee. I also struggled to find a parking spot at work. I ended up pahking my car, not in havahd yahd, but with all the boat trailers across the intersection.

Right at 10 o’clock, Mill Falls Marketplace was already full of people because of the annual craft fair. I picked up an awesome dog collar from Winnie Wear Collars and a wicked cool framed aerial photo of Gunstock. I didn’t have the time to check out all the vendors, but I did get a nice view of the craft fair from my desk all day... and from what I saw, the excitement lasted all day!

Mill Falls Marketplace truly is a great place to spend your day while at the lake and it’s so nice to see it so full of life again. People enjoy coming for the local shopping, great photo opportunities and of course the good food. The must-visit spots would be the 40-foot waterfall, Giuseppe’s, Lee’s Candy, Ben & Jerry’s, and of course Nahamsha Gifts!

Nahamsha Gifts has been open for 1 year now (happy birthday to us!) and the experience has been such a blast. Our favorite part is how everyone comes in in such a good mood and starts laughing at everything we have. New England accents start to come out and people take time to appreciate the place we call home. We have met some amazing people in the last year and continue to meet new people every day!

We want to take this time to thank all our loyal customers and say welcome to all the new Chowdaheadz out there! We hope everyone has a great summer this year.. it’s only just begun!

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