Welcome to Nahamsha!

Mill Falls Marketplace

Thanks for visiting our blog, we're glad you made it! I'm just going to take this opportunity to welcome you, and to tell you a little bit about this new store we have.

Some of you may know that this isn't our first store. Our gift shop expertise started when we opened the Gilford Country Store in 2015 as a powerful mother-daughter duo. A hobby for mother, and a good part-time job for daughter (myself!) while I finished off my last year of college. We had no idea it would be such a fun and successful store! I graduated with a business degree and pursued managing the Gilford Country Store full time.

Now it's time we get to the story of Nahamsha Gifts! Believe it or not.. it all started with Ben & Jerry's free cone day April. 2017. While participating in a little apres-ski, the bartender at Waterville Valley told us it was free cone day! This mother-daughter duo was feeling adventurous that day, so we were totally down for a little detour to Mill Falls on our way home for some free ice cream. When we arrived, it was raining and the line was about an hour long, so we did what mother-daughter duo does best and continued our beers at Giuseppe's. We noticed the line died down (only a tiny bit, but the beers we consumed made it feel a little more tolerable) and we got in line. This is when we noticed this magical empty room right next door to the glorious ice cream shop! Since mother is a natural-born business woman, she is always looking for her next project to pursue, I half-joking, half-seriously asked what she was going to turn this empty space into. Within 15 seconds of noticing the space, we agreed on this new vision and spin-off from Gilford Country Store. We formally inquired about the space the next day and in a very short amount of time it was all ours! How exciting!

So now, we present to you, Nahamsha Gifts! We created a New England themed gift shop, focusing on the brand, Chowdaheadz, which is wicked awesome, believe us! We bring in unique products we know will make everyone smile. We have gifts that really showcase what New England is all about. There’s something for the all the hikers, campers, boaters, drinkers, sports fans and golfers out there. This list goes on and on as we will always be bringing in new products to keep up with what’s going on in the world! For example, we are focusing now on our “Wicked Smaaht” line for upcoming graduations and “Best Mom/Dad Evah” for Mother’s and Father’s Day. We also look forward to bringing in an epic USA line for the Fourth of July (and every other day for that matter!). We embrace the fact that people around here pronounce things a little differently and we are totally okay with that. Our everyday slang is shown on many of our products, which make them unique and wicked awesome. The kiddos love us here too; we have a full baby and youth section so they can be the raddest dressed kids in school!

While we opened our doors in the beginning of May, Memorial Day weekend is the official kick off and grand opening of Nahamsha Gifts. We hope to see you then!

Thanks for joining us in our first blog post :)

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